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The Director Speaks: Night of the Auk’s Adam Levi explores “the day after some tomorrow”

Five smart, funny, hard-working, and dedicated professionals is how Adam Levi describes the ensemble cast he has put together in restaging Arch Oboler’s Night of the Auk playing as part of the 16th New York Fringe Festival running from August 10 to 18.

Levi stumbled upon Oboler’s work while entering information for a database covering the 1950s. He found the play extremely entertaining and funny.  Amazed by the talent attached to the original production, Levi discussed the work with Michael Ross Albert and came to an agreement that with some careful editing the play can be revived and retain its relevance within the contemporary setting. “iPads aside, our technology in terms of space flight hasn’t changed all that much. And our last manned mission to the moon was forty years ago – Apollo 17 in 1972!  So, a moon landing seems very much like science fiction again nowadays,” Levi asserted.

Set sometime in “the day after tomorrow,” Adam hopes to “spark the audiences’ imaginations, to give them the feeling of a science fiction spectacle without the spectacle…to have fun, feel free to enjoy themselves and laugh at some of the antiquated future-seen-through-the-1950’s logic.” Adam wants the audience to see the world through the lens of a 1950s world, “long before we actually reached the moon,” and wants them “to remember how we created a spaceship out of thin air.”

FringeNYC is the perfect venue for this kind of production.  Adam expounds that “the Festival gives audiences the opportunity to see something in the theater that cannot be seen anywhere else on stage – here in NYC or elsewhere. The shows may be small, but the ideas and the “heart” are huge. People really pour their blood, sweat, and tears into these productions, and that makes it exciting to me. The ingenuity and the creativity, the igniting of audience’s imaginations – that’s what the theater is all about. And “nobody, nowhere” does it better than FringeNYC and its participants!”

Levi (standing) in action with the ensemble cast of the upcoming revival of Night of the Auk

Levi (standing) in action with the ensemble cast of the upcoming revival of Night of the Auk

The play is co-presented with HUBO Productions whose core venture is in the film medium. In working with HUBO, Adam finds a kindred soul for though the “individual projects/endeavors may differ in form/details, HUBO and Outside Inside both share a commitment to (as the HUBO personal statement puts it) “explore creativity and test the limits of known boundaries and forms of expression.”  As a Director, working with HUBO has been a fruitful experience for me in particular because of their deep understanding and appreciation of the creative process.  I sincerely hope (and truly believe) that this will not be our last artistic endeavor together!”

Night of the Auk will run at The Players Theatre (115 MacDougal Street) in Venue #10 of The New York International Fringe Festival on the following dates:  August 10 @ 5pm, August 11 @ 9:45pm, August 16 @ 4:45pm, August 17 @ 7:30pm, and August 18 @ 5:30pm.  For a detailed performance schedule and to purchase tickets, visit or call 866.468.7619.