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2012 International Film Festival Manhattan Awards Night

The 2nd Annual International Film Festival Manhattan (IFFM) held its Opening Night and Awards Ceremony last November 8 at the Kalayaan Hall of the Philippine Consulate in Manhattan, New York a day after a strong Nor’easter hit the city that is still recovering from the devastation brought about by Hurricane Sandy.

The festival is scheduled to run from November 9th till the 15th with all film screenings at the Quad Cinemas in Manhattan.

IFFM founders Luis Pedron and Gerry Balasta expressed their heartfelt gratitude to everyone who helped them achieve their goal of showcasing and entertaining the diverse films in all genres and scope to equal the diversity of New York.

Here’s a complete list and snapshots from the Opening/Awards Night courtesy of Rex Romero, Fernell Cruz, and blogger Felix Manuel.

International Film Festival Manhattan Awards Night

International Film Festival Manhattan Awards Night


International Film Festival Manhattan 2012 Award Categories and Winners

2012 Mount Hope Project Awardees:

-“21 and a WakeUp”

– “ABC Nunca Mas”

-“Ganap Na Babae”


Best Director
-Will Fredo, “The Caregiver”

Best Cinematographer
-“I’ve Only Just Begun.”

Best Actress
-Tara Samuel, “Ruby Booby”

Best Actor
– Jacky Woo, “Haruo”

Independent Achievement Award (Short)
-Crystal Diane Stevens, “Organized Criminal”

Global Achievement in Acting/Independent Achievement Award (Feature)
– Jacky Woo, “Haruo”


Film Winners and Nominees:

*Best Short:
“Organized Criminal”
“Just a Joke”

Winner: “Just a Joke”

*Best Music Video:
“Living – Arrested Development”
“The Magic Rabbit 2”

Winner: “”Living – Arrested Development”

*Best US Documentary:
“Oxygen for the Ears Living Jazz”
“The YES Movie”

Winner: “Oxygen for the Ears Living Jazz”

*Best Global Documentary:
“Inori-Prayer Conversation with Something Great”
“ABC Nunca Mas”

Winner: “Inori – Prayer Conversation with Something Great”

*Best US Narrative:
“Theresa is a Mother”
“Musical Chairs”

Winner: “Theresa is a Mother”

*Best Global Narrative:
“The Foreigner”
“Misterioso Asasenito en el Aulas”

Winner: “The Foreigner”

*Most Popular Competition on Facebook Awarded Thurs Nov 15, 2012.

Runner Up:
Counting Happiness

Winner: “Counting Happiness”


2012 IFFM Best Director Will Fredo with Actress Liza Diño

2012 IFFM Best Director Will Fredo with Actress Liza Diño


2012 IFFM Best Actress Tara Samuel and her family

2012 IFFM Best Actress Tara Samuel and her family


2012 IFFM Best Global Narrative "The Foreigner"

2012 IFFM Best Global Narrative “The Foreigner”


2012 IFFM Best Short "Just a Joke" (Italy)

2012 IFFM Best Short “Just a Joke” (Italy)


As seen first Nov. 08, 2012 from columnist/blogger Felix Manuel: [more photos in blog site]

Photo Credits: Rex Romero


IFFM NYC Official Selection Laurel Leaf 2012HUBO Productions’ The Caregiver is slated to compete in this year’s International Film Festival Manhattan New York City (IFFMNYC) in November.  It will be pit against movies from other countries in the narrative category.

The Caregiver is written and directed by HUBO’s CEO and Resident Director Will Fredo and tells the story of Carlito Mariposa (Joshua Deocareza) who is nursing Agustin Vergeire (Marcus Madrigal), a “sepaktakraw” (competitive hacky sack) player who was badly injured in one of his crucial games. Confined in a very limited and shrunken world, the two developed an unlikely attraction that had Carlito thread an unexpected journey of self-discovery, shedding layers of skin along the way like a deadly viper.

The festival runs from November 9 to 15 at the Quad Cinema in Manhattan. On its second year, IFFMNYC aims to offer quality selection of world-class films that will be showcased in downtown Manhattan and offer filmmakers the opportunity to promote their work in a uniquely New York setting. The programming, with a special focus on social relevance, encompasses different genres contributing to the diversity within the festival.

HUBO Productions is an independent multi-media production company with film ventures as its core. To date, HUBO has released three-full length films, with two that are in post-production work. It has ventured its artistic reach in music, theatre, dance, and painting. HUBO encourages artistry through practical means, and dedicates its art to stimulate the mind however unconventional and unfamiliar.