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HUBO PRODUCTIONS: An independent company as featured in EAST LifeStyle: The Asian Journal Magazine

HUBO Productions' Mad Men Greg Macaraeg (Left) with Will Fredo

HUBO Productions’ Mad Men Greg Macaraeg (Left) with Will Fredo
Photography by Kim Guanzon, Make-up by Laa Hernando-Guanzon, Stylist/Creative Direction by Roldan Din


HUBO Productions featured in East LifeStyle: The Asian Journal
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Rocketmen and Timeless Flight, Co-Director Kaitlyn Samuel on restaging of NIGHT OF THE AUK

“Read this!” that’s how Adam Levi (director) and Michael Ross Albert (script adapter and actor) brought Arch Oboler‘s work Night of the Auk to the attention of Kaitlyn Samuel who joins the crew as co-director.  “And who doesn’t want to explore playing in a spaceship?!  It was just too appealing NOT to go for it., “enthused Samuel.

Kaitlyn Samuel

A play first mounted almost two generations ago and with the second world war still fresh in everyone’s memory is not without a challenge to re-appropriate for contemporary audience.  But that was what stimulated Samuel, believing that it is “an underdog play, a story that doesn’t get told often and one that needed some help.  And the core message of the play is about humanity and responsibility, which are two big issues I can get behind exploring.”

When what was once the future is now, how does one view “time”?  Samuel admits that this aspect of the play was tricky to handle, and was discussed heatedly among the creative minds behind the revival of the show.  “In the end we found the delicate balance of representing a projected future from the 40’s-50’s that would be accessible and relatable to a present audience.  We are all very pleased with the results so far.” The adapted play clarifies “the action of the story, and to put emphasis on its characters and plot,” as Albert said.  A direction picked up by Samuel by affirming that she “fell in love with many of its endearing qualities.”  This time around, considering the history of the play, Samuel thinks that it is “the right time to bring back this cyclical tale.”  With wisdom of hindsight and history on her side, she wants the “audience to have fun!” and each one “to feel like the characters on stage are his or her friends that they wish were around more often.”

This wish is reflected among the cast and crew of the show.  Samuel gushes that “it’s a privilege and an honor.  This cast is the dream team of talented actors who just also happen to be some of the best human beings I know.  Even when I’m exhausted and cranky from other jobs, ten minutes in the room with them and I’m re-energized and inspired.  I can’t wait to show them all off!”

Samuel thanks FringeNYC for providing the venue for such a challenging yet fun project to come to fruition. “The heart and core of this festival are the only two full time members of The Present Theatre Company, Elena K. Holy and Britt Lafield. They have built a home and a community based in the pure love and joy of theatre. It’s a perfect place and platform to explore and showcase new ideas in theatre.  I’m always very grateful to be a part of such a special festival.  And it’s a blast!”

Kaitlyn and Cast: (L-R) Suzy Kimball, Kaitlyn Samuel, Michael Ross Albert, Hannah Timmons, Brian Rhinehart, Lash Dooley

Night of the Auk is co-presented by Outside Inside and HUBO Productions, and will run at The Players Theatre (115 MacDougal Street) in Venue #10 of The New York International Fringe Festival on the following dates:  August 10 @ 5pm, August 11 @ 9:45pm, August 16 @ 4:45pm, August 17 @ 7:30pm, and August 18 @ 5:30pm.  For a detailed performance schedule and to purchase tickets, visit or call 866.468.7619.


HUBO Productions founders Will Fredo and Greg Macaraeg have been named among the “100 Outstanding Filipino Americans in the USA” by the Press Photographers Philippines-USA and Philippine Children’s Charities, Inc.  A black-tie charity event is to be held on July 28 at the Universal Hilton in Los Angeles, California where the awardees will be officially recognized.  Main beneficiary is Bantay Bata 163, a Philippine-based organization that helps abused, underprivileged, sick and indigent Filipino children.  Expected to attend the event to accept donations are Robbie Fabian, President of ABS-CBN Foundation International, and Tina Monzon-Palma, Executive Director of Bantay Bata 163.

Greg Macaraeg (left) and Will Fredo lead a group committed to “testing the limits of known boundaries.”
Photography by Kim Guanzon, Make-up by Laa Hernando-Guanzon, Stylist/Creative Director Roldan Din

Darna B. Umayam, Philippine Children’s Charities, Inc. chair, who is also project director and lead organizer of the event, said the outstanding Fil-Ams had been picked “from among many who were highly recommended for this prestigious award because of their achievements as professionals and for their philanthropic works for less fortunate Filipinos back home, especially the children.”  There were nearly 300 such recommendations.

Fredo and Macaraeg are being recognized for their continuing achievements in the movie and entertainment field through HUBO Productions, established in 2006 with Fredo as CEO and resident director and Macaraeg as president.

HUBO released three full-length films, among them are Compound and Ganap na Babae (Garden of Eve) that won multiple nominations and awards in the Philippines and abroad. Two films—N.A.S.L. and In Nomine Matris—are in post-production stage.

In Nomine Matris is set to be released this year.  In addition to its core film ventures, HUBO has collaborated with other artistic endeavors consistent with its mission statement.  From the time of its founding, HUBO has produced Brave New Music, the accompanying soundtrack to the film Sa Pagdapo ng Mariposa (At The Touch Of A Butterfly), which it also produced.

HUBO supported the film Señorita by Vincent Sandoval; the music video Ayoko na Sa ‘Yo (I Don’t Want You Anymore) by Jeepney Joyride; theatre works Chagrin by Outside Inside Productions and Mirror Mates: A Two-Faced Farce , both in New York, and the stage adaptation of  Ang Unang Aswang (The First Ghost) in the Philippines.  The company also supports and advocates the work of painter Roldan Din, the first Filipino to be featured in the Finch Lane Gallery in Salt Lake City, Utah.  HUBO has also sponsored one of the recent stagings of The Next Wave Seattle Butoh Festival, in Seattle, Washington.

Fredo began his professional career at Microsoft managing various software developments.  He earned his computer degree from Brigham-Young University, Hawaii.  In 2005, after years of corporate dedication and success, Fredo decided to pursue his passion for filmmaking.  He finished an intensive filmmaking program at the New York Film Academy before founding HUBO in the Philippines.

Fredo currently divides his time between Seattle and Manila using HUBO as a springboard to tell his stories, and as a platform for artistic pursuits.  In the course of overseeing HUBO’s operations, Fredo discovers and nurtures fellow artists.  Outside of HUBO, Fredo is a Butoh performer who has regaled audiences in Seattle and San Francisco. He says Butoh greatly informs his narrative technique.

Macaraeg, a physician based in New York City, has more than 15 years of pharmaceutical industry experience.  He has spearheaded domestic (Philippines), regional (Asia-Pacific) and global medical events and clinical development functions, and worked in a variety of therapeutic areas—cardiovascular/metabolism, immunology/rheumatology, virology, and oncology.

He graduated cum laude in B.S. Speech Pathology from the University of the Philippines, Manila where he also earned his medical degree.  After clinical practice, Macaraeg went full-time with pharmaceutical medical roles.  His professional interests include research & development, medical-marketing, medical communication, and medical risk management.  He oversees HUBO’s strategic plans and networking.

HUBO is committed “to expose the complexity of the individual.”  As a collective, it professes to be “focused, innovative, compassionate and committed to explore creativity and test the limits of known boundaries and forms of expression.”  As such, it dedicates its art to stimulate the mind however unconventional and unfamiliar.

Completing the board of directors and founders of HUBO are Medwin Garcia, Joan T. Manalang, Ida Ceniza Tiongson, and George Sommerrock.

[ Article originally came out of PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER, JULY 23, 2012, Entertainment Section, G4 ]

In Nomine Matris

IN NOMINE MATRIS Official Poster

IN NOMINE MATRIS Official Poster
[ click poster for larger image ]

Official Trailer

Liza Diño, Biboy Ramirez, Al Gatmaitan, with Jam Pérez, Maradee De Guzman, Bong Cabrera, Leo Rialp, Joan Palisoc, introducing Ms. Tami Monsod and Ms. Clara Ramona

Written and Directed by Will Fredo

HUBO Productions in cooperation with Trinity Hearts Media, The Embassy of Spain in the Philippines, Gobierno De España, Ministerio De Cultura, Spanish Program for Cultural Cooperation, Instituto Cervantes Manila presents  IN NOMINE MATRIS (In the Name of the Mother).

LOG LINE:  A young dance protégé seeks to land the principal part of a dance company but soon found herself at a crossroad, forcing her to face her mentor and her mother as she searches for answers in the beautifully loud and endlessly moving world she lives in.

LONG SYNOPSIS:  In the heart of Metro Manila, Mara Bonifacio Advento, a young dance protégé seeks to land the principal part of a dance company about to embark on a tour. On her quest to land the coveted break, a series of events turned her sense of meaning upside down, and is faced with a life changing decision. She turns to her mentor Mercedes Lagdameo and her mother Ava Bonifacio as she searches for answers in the beautifully loud and endlessly moving world she lives in.

IN NOMINE MATRIS Official Symbol

Official Symbol
[ click symbol for larger image ]

Metro Manila, in its congested freeways and its busy streets, plays an integral part in creating the rhythm of the revolving lives of the people surrounding our protégé, Mara. Played by award winning actress Liza Diño who recently received an Harvest of Honor Award (Ani ng Dangal) from the Office of the Philippine President, Mara falls in love with Enrique (played by Italy trained opera singer Al Gatmaitan), the son of her mentor Mercedes (Clara Ramona) as she trains to be the principal dancer of the touring show ‘In Nomine Matris’.  In the midst of her blossoming desires for a man and her struggles to become the principal dancer, the unrequited love of Enrique’s brother Daniel (played by TV and movie star Biboy Ramirez) towards Mara complicates her dilemma. Forced to make a life changing decision as Mara prepares for the premiere of In Nomine Matris, her mentor challenges her to reach for the top while her mother (played by thespian actor Tami Monsod) inflicts her with a lesson she tries so hard not to follow. In the middle of EDSA, the famous transportation artery where the Philippine revolution transpired, Mara’s fate is handed to her by surprise, forever changes her.

In Nomine Matris (In the Name of the Mother) is a narrative close to the heart of filmmaker, Will Fredo. It is inspired by true events in the lives of real Flamenco performers and its growing popularity in the Philippines. The filmmaker aims to pay homage to the joys and failures of motherhood, to the beat of his matriarchal country, to the Spanish heritage ingrained in our Filipino culture by underscoring Philippine classics and the traces of intense passion of the Spanish sensibility.

The film fuses Philippine dances and Spanish Flamenco rhythms and steps, created and choreographed by world-renowned Flamenco master Miss Clara Ramona. Bob Aves, foremost Filipino world-jazz musician, composed a unique musical score combining Flamenco ‘compas’ and Filipino Kundiman. Aside from the dancing and the music, Fredo pushes the limit by adding Spanish verse opera singing by Al Gatmaitan and a gut wrenching original open-mic poetry performance by artist Jam Pérez. Filipino actors of diverse background lend their talents in giving life to a vision that is both familiar and challenging. These elements contribute to a rare viewing experience.

The Music  |  The Cast |  Director’s Notes