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Rocketmen and Timeless Flight, Co-Director Kaitlyn Samuel on restaging of NIGHT OF THE AUK

“Read this!” that’s how Adam Levi (director) and Michael Ross Albert (script adapter and actor) brought Arch Oboler‘s work Night of the Auk to the attention of Kaitlyn Samuel who joins the crew as co-director.  “And who doesn’t want to explore playing in a spaceship?!  It was just too appealing NOT to go for it., “enthused Samuel.

Kaitlyn Samuel

A play first mounted almost two generations ago and with the second world war still fresh in everyone’s memory is not without a challenge to re-appropriate for contemporary audience.  But that was what stimulated Samuel, believing that it is “an underdog play, a story that doesn’t get told often and one that needed some help.  And the core message of the play is about humanity and responsibility, which are two big issues I can get behind exploring.”

When what was once the future is now, how does one view “time”?  Samuel admits that this aspect of the play was tricky to handle, and was discussed heatedly among the creative minds behind the revival of the show.  “In the end we found the delicate balance of representing a projected future from the 40’s-50’s that would be accessible and relatable to a present audience.  We are all very pleased with the results so far.” The adapted play clarifies “the action of the story, and to put emphasis on its characters and plot,” as Albert said.  A direction picked up by Samuel by affirming that she “fell in love with many of its endearing qualities.”  This time around, considering the history of the play, Samuel thinks that it is “the right time to bring back this cyclical tale.”  With wisdom of hindsight and history on her side, she wants the “audience to have fun!” and each one “to feel like the characters on stage are his or her friends that they wish were around more often.”

This wish is reflected among the cast and crew of the show.  Samuel gushes that “it’s a privilege and an honor.  This cast is the dream team of talented actors who just also happen to be some of the best human beings I know.  Even when I’m exhausted and cranky from other jobs, ten minutes in the room with them and I’m re-energized and inspired.  I can’t wait to show them all off!”

Samuel thanks FringeNYC for providing the venue for such a challenging yet fun project to come to fruition. “The heart and core of this festival are the only two full time members of The Present Theatre Company, Elena K. Holy and Britt Lafield. They have built a home and a community based in the pure love and joy of theatre. It’s a perfect place and platform to explore and showcase new ideas in theatre.  I’m always very grateful to be a part of such a special festival.  And it’s a blast!”

Kaitlyn and Cast: (L-R) Suzy Kimball, Kaitlyn Samuel, Michael Ross Albert, Hannah Timmons, Brian Rhinehart, Lash Dooley

Night of the Auk is co-presented by Outside Inside and HUBO Productions, and will run at The Players Theatre (115 MacDougal Street) in Venue #10 of The New York International Fringe Festival on the following dates:  August 10 @ 5pm, August 11 @ 9:45pm, August 16 @ 4:45pm, August 17 @ 7:30pm, and August 18 @ 5:30pm.  For a detailed performance schedule and to purchase tickets, visit or call 866.468.7619.