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“PROMISES” Promises Success: A Filipino Artist Featured in Finch Lane Gallery

Utah is known as the mecca for Latter Days Saints (Mormon) and the home of the top American film festival called Sundance founded by Robert Redford. In between the extremities is the fast growing Art World in its capital Salt Lake City. Every year, the prestigious The Salt Lake City Arts Council (a division in the SLC Department of Community and Economic Development) look for artists to feature in its historic Finch Lane/Park Gallery.

Out of hundreds of applicants, the Visual Artist Committee of the Arts Council has selected budding artist/painter Roldan Din, the first Filipino to be featured in the much coveted opportunity in Utah. The gallery showcases Roldan Din’s “PROMISES,” a collection of mixed media paintings on big wood boards, canvases, and paper. His work will be on display March 9 until April 27, 2012.

Also on exhibit are stone and bronze sculptures by established Bryon Draper called “Proxy Offering.”  The Salt Lake Seven, a group photography exhibit called “Prisoners of Consciousness” completes the featured collection.

Roldan Din, a resident artist at HUBO Productions, has selected pieces from various periods since he started painting in 2006. PROMISES includes his work in Seattle (2006-07), New York (2007-09), and Utah (2009-present). Each piece represents emotions and experiences living in those places and circumstances at certain points of his life. The collection, as expressed by those who have seen them, are both strikingly moving and thought-provoking. His play with colors and texture gives a certain mixture of sensitivity and callousness, a must see for art students and patrons.

“My work focuses on change. I try to capture transitions unconsciously by creating tangible pieces over periods of time. My works are impulses of the moments I am in. I feel that collectively they are layers of time passing and of movements from one state to another. I am not interested in positing an idea or image because I believe in the more meaningful dialogue between a piece of work and its viewer. So, in that sense, my works are always abstract.  Even the identifiable imageries in my paintings and photos are not fully calculated nor staged. The real people, places and things in my work exist within the context of time, places, cultures, relationships, intentions, hopes and dreams and are therefore only representations of something bigger and more complex. I do not offer enlightenment but only a view of my own personal journey.”

Forever 1 - Mixed Media on wood panel 48"x48"

Promises - Mixed Media on wood panel 48"x48"

Flight - Mixed Media on wood panel 48"x48"

Hidden - Mixed Media on wood panel 48"x48"





























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For him, “art is a powerful tool for education and growth for both the artists and viewers. I also believe art can transcend all kinds of barriers and limitations.” As promised, Roldan Din’s work promises nothing but a bright future for the budding artist.

The successful opening reception last March 9 filled the gallery with guests from the Salt Lake City Arts Council patrons and supporters to the beautiful families of the featured artists. The work will be on display until April 27. Visit for special events and art walks scheduled for the next coming months.

Finch Lane Gallery is open Mondays – Fridays, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00pm. It is located at 54 Finch Lane, Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information, call +1.801.596.5000.

With Kim Duffin, SLC Arts Council Asst. Director and Grants Officer | With Will Fredo, CEO/Resident Director of HUBO

With family Chef Ferdz Din, Jacqui Din, Ruth Din, Photographer/Videographer Kim Guanzon, and Makeup and Grooming consultant Laa Hernando-Guanzon

With esteemed members of KULTURANG PILIPINO ENSEMBLE | With Interior Designer Kim Kienow and hubby, Kim & Laa Guanzon and Hair Stylist Eddie Bellini

With Laa and Kim , Models Victoria and Jonath Packham, Rhyan Atrice, Danielle Huffin, Jewelry Designer Lauren K. Benally, Will Fredo and Jacqui Din

With NYC friends Sandra Gail Frayna and guest | With local socialite Larry Acosta Chua and CPA/Model Benjie Anthony Rivera

Roldan Din with family and friends