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OUTSIDE INSIDE and HUBO PRODUCTIONS Present Arch Oboler’s NIGHT OF THE AUK: The First Major New York Revival After More Than 50 Years

Greg Macaraeg (L) and Adam Levi (R)

Arch Oboler’s nail-biting, cautionary yet fun fable Night of the Auk is being restaged in this year’s 16th Annual New York International Fringe Festival.  The new production marks the continuing collaboration between Outside Inside and HUBO Productions, the tandem that presented Michael Ross Albert’s Chagrin during the 15th (2011) installment of the same festival.

This Night of the Auk is presented in a sleek 75-minute one-act adaptation of the original 1956 Broadway play produced by the legendary Kermit Bloomgarden and directed by Sidney Lumet, and which starred Christopher Plummer, Claude Rains, and Dick York.  The story takes place in a rocket ship returning to earth after its first successful lunar expedition, and the characters in the voyage found themselves in the advent of atomic age where the human species is on the brink of extinction.  Directed by Adam Levi with co-direction by Kaitlyn Samuel, this new production stars Outside Inside ensemble members Michael Ross Albert, Lash Dooley, Suzy Kimball, Hannah Timmons, and Brian Rhinehart.

Arch Oboler is regarded as a key innovator of radio drama who sealed his reputation in the radio horror series Lights Out.  Though he generated attention with his radio scripts, his output extended to films, theatre and television.  His screen credits include Escape (1940) and On Our Merry Way (1948).  His pioneering and innovative works have influenced the likes of Rod Seriling, François Truffaut and Don Coscarelli.

Night of the Auk will run at The Players Theatre (115 MacDougal Street) in Venue #10 of The New York International Fringe Festival on the following dates:  August 10 @ 5pm, August 11 @ 9:45pm, August 16 @ 4:45pm, August 17 @ 7:30pm, and August 18 @ 5:30pm.  For a detailed performance schedule and to purchase tickets, visit or call 866.468.7619.

Outside Inside is a New York City based theatre company, founded by co-artistic directors Michael Ross Albert, Adam Levi, and Kaitlyn Samuel.  The company and its artists are dedicated to the independent production of exciting new works for the stage.

HUBO is an independent group of people who pursue ways to expose the complexity of the individual.  As a collective, HUBO is focused, innovative, compassionate and committed to explore creativity and test the limits of known boundaries and forms of expression.  HUBO encourages artistry through practical means, and dedicates its art to stimulate the mind however unconventional and unfamiliar.  Two of its founders, Will Fredo and Greg Macaraeg, have recently been recognized by Press Photographers Philippines-USA and Philippine Children’s Charities, Inc. as among 100 Outstanding Filipino-Americans for their contribution to the movie and entertainment field.