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New York Film Academy Graduate Wins Award at Soho International Film Fest

New York Film Academy Graduate Will Fredo won the inaugural Mient’s Pick Excellence in Cinematography award at the Soho International Film Fest. The award was given out for the first time by film distributor Mient, a major sponsor of the festival. Mient’s Pick is the first technical award given out in the festival’s history and Will’s film Ganap Na Babae (Garden of Eve) is the first recipient of the award.

NYFA Graduate Fredo executive produced the film about women directed by women along with his company, Hubo Productions. In Ganap Na Babae (Garden of Eve), a prostitute, two sisters, and a widow come together to tell their stories about womanhood. The three stories are interwoven to see the plight of Filipino women from the sensitive eyes of the three contemporary women directors, Rica Arevalo, Ellen Ramos and Sarah Roxas. Soho International Fest marked the international premiere of the film. Says Fredo on the award:

“It was supposed to recognize the technical mastery of a movie, awarded by the film distributor Mient. I seriously thought the award would again go to Todd Bellanca (director of “The Bad Penny,” best feature award winner). When [our movie’s title was] announced, all of us were floored. With everyone in shock, I composed myself and thanked the SIFFNYC and Mient.”

New York Film Academy extends a congratulations to Fredo, who comments that the experience of screening in New York was “extra special for me personally since I started my film career in NYFA.”

Will Fredo (Right) photographed with Todd Bellanca (Left), winner of Best Feature Award

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