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HUBO Productions commits to support Solito Arts’ Baybayin

HUBO Productions has entered an agreement to support the production of Solito Arts’ Baybayin, an official selection of the upcoming Cinema One Originals slated to be held on November 2012.

Baybayin, by Auraeus Solito, is the second installment of a trilogy that engages the indigenous Palawan culture and philosophy, the first one being Busong. Baybayin is the tale of two half sisters both in love with a man who is unable to hear or talk to them, proving that love can communicate even in silence. It is inspired by Palawan’s local legends and hopes to dramatize the Palawan script as well. The film stars the de Rossi sisters, Assunta and Alessandra.

HUBO Board Member Ida Ceniza-Tiongson was instrumental in this new collaboration.  Solito, on signing up HUBO’s support for his latest film project remarked,  “The meeting with Ida was serendipitous in a way.  I felt that HUBO is a group of people that respects artistic integrity of filmmakers.”  Further he acknowledges that HUBO has produced progressive and meaningful films before.


About Solito Arts

Solito Arts is Auraeus Solito’s company.  He is an acclaimed and award-winning filmmaker who rose to international fame with his first feature film Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros (The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros). His last film Busong was presented at the prestigious Cannes Directors’ Fortnight. He was recently chosen to be part of Take 100, The Future of Film, a book published by Phaidon Press, New York that presented an emerging generation of the most talented filmmakers around the world.

About HUBO Productions

HUBO Productions is an independent multi-media production company that is known for its core film ventures. To date, HUBO has released three-full length films, with two that are in post-production work. It has ventured its artistic reach in music, theatre, dance, and visual arts. HUBO encourages artistry through practical means, and dedicates its art to stimulate the mind however unconventional and unfamiliar.

Ida Tiongson (center) together with the Director and the Cast of Baybayin

Ida Tiongson (center) together with the Director and the Cast of Baybayin