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Ganap na Babae

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Starring: Mercedes Cabral, Sue Prado, Jam Pérez, Rome Mallari, Boots Anson Roa

Directors: Rica Arevalo, Ellen Ramos, Sarah Roxas
Writers: Rica Arevalo, Ellen Ramos, Sarah Roxas (Sarah Roxas’ screenplay is based on an article, “Minsan May Isang Puta” by Mike Portes)

“Ganap na Babae” is a film for women made by women directors: Rica Arevalo, Ellen Ramos and Sarah Roxas. A prostitute, two sisters, and a widow come together to tell their stories about womanhood.

A woman (Mercedes Cabral) shares her soul as a prostitute in front of the camera. A survivor, she looks back at her life as a mother.

Milagros (Sue Prado) and Elena (Jam Pérez) are sisters tilling “camote” (sweet potato) in a dry land. Poverty provokes Elena to migrate as a mail-order bride in Japan while Milagros stays to take care of the family.

Eos (Boots Anson Roa) is a widow who falls in love with a younger man, Rodrigo (Rome Mallari). They try to make the relationship work amidst the pressure of their family and the society.

Three stories are interwoven to see the plight of Filipino women from the sensitive eyes of three contemporary women directors.


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