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Ganap na Babae (Garden of Eve) recipient of the 2012 Mount Hope Project Award this November

HUBO Productions’ Ganap na Babae (Garden of Eve) has been named the first recipient of the 2012 Mount Hope Project Award which recognizes films that present social issues in the hope that it will be a catalyst for change.  International Film Festival Manhattan co-founder and programmer Luis Pedron cites the “unique process that discovered new and upcoming women filmmakers” that culminated in the independent film Ganap na Babae (Garden of Eve). Gerry Balastra, founder of Mount Hope Project, affirms the belief that “film is one of the most powerful medium to bring change.”

Ganap na Babae(Garden of Eve) is the culminating project of a mentorship program initiated by HUBO Productions that aimed at nurturing young Filipino women directors. Ganap na Babae (Garden of Eve) was the opening film of the 6th Cinemalaya Filmfestival, 2010.  Later, it became an official selection in the 2nd SoHo International Film Festival NYC, 2011 where it subsequently won the first Mient’s Pick for Excellence in Cinematography. The award earned the directors Arevalo, Ramos and Roxas, and cinematographers Gym Lumbera and Michael Manalastas Ani Dangal (Harvest of Honors) award in 2012 from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) of the Philippines.

Ganap na Babae (Garden of Eve) tells the story of Filipino women in contemporary Filipino society from the point of view of young Filipino women directors. A prostitute, two sisters, and a widow frame the narratives and insights that deals with womanhood in the Philippines. A prostitute (Mercedes Cabral) is interviewed for a documentary and in the course bared her soul in front of the camera. She looks backs on her struggles and her will to survive as a mother. Two sisters, Milagros  (Sue Prado) and Elena (Jam Pérez), together till “camote” (sweet potato) in a land that became arid due to lack of rain. This situation pushed them to abject poverty prompting Elena to seek opportunities overseas by becoming a mail-order bride in Japan. Milagros was left behind to look after their family and farm the land. Eos (Boots Anson Roa) is a widow who falls in love with a younger man, Rodrigo (Rome Mallari). They try to make the relationship work amidst the pressure of their family and the society. Ganap na Babae (Garden of Eve) is directed by Rica Arevalo, Ellen Ramos, and Sarah Roxas.

In receiving this award, Ganap na Babae (Garden of Eve) will have a special screening on November 9, 5:10pm at the Quad Cinemas in New York. The screening is part of the 2nd International Film Festival Manhattan and will be a fundraising event. Proceeds will benefit The Happyness Photo Project, a platform that taps into the creative side of children living in a dumpsite in the Philippines. Janice Colina, Executive Director of Mount Hope Project, adds that with the presentation of this film, it will “hopefully stimulate great minds and open kind hearts.”

Advance and discounted tickets are available through Indie Go-go (

GANAP NA BABAE (Garden of Eve)

GANAP NA BABAE (Garden of Eve)

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About Mount Hope Project

Mount Hope Project is a non-profit organization that uses film and the arts to make a direct impact on lives of the underprivelged residents of Payatas in Quezon City, Philippines. MOUNT HOPE aims to create a positive change, starting with the lives of the scavenger-actors and venturing out to other communities in need, to promote a better world for all. ( ,

About Happyness Photo Project

Happyness Photo Project is an off shoot of Mount Hope Project that aims to serve as a platform to tap the creative side of the children living in Payatas. It uses photography to promote and further its cause. Photographs depicting the hope and happiness among the children of Payatas are available for sale.  Pieces are exhibited in all its events.

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HUBO Productions is an independent multi-media production company with film ventures as its core. To date, HUBO has released three-full length films, with two that are in post-production work. It has ventured its artistic reach in music, theatre, dance, and painting. HUBO encourages artistry through practical means, and dedicates its art to stimulate the mind however unconventional and unfamiliar.



CLICK HERE >> GANAP NA BABAE : Official Trailer with Subtitle from HUBO Productions on Vimeo.