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Starring: John Arcilla, Janet Russ, Jake Macapagal, Liza Diño, Joan Palisoc. Perry Escaño, Lily Chu and Marq Dollentes

Written and Directed by Will Fredo

COMPOUND is a modern-tragedy cloaked under an edgy contemporary thriller that all audiences will be familiar with. Underneath the surface of love, sex, drugs, and violence portrayed is a closer examination of social class in the Philippines, [economic] terrorism in the country, and other subtle universal issues we all experience at this time.

Shielding his family from a looming misfortune, Virgilio delos Reyes keeps appearances through the aid of crystal methamphetamine. Virgilio and his wife received Jay Juanillo as their tenant to occupy one of the houses in their compound. Jay, who himself is trying to escape the realities of his life with his wife and a young male lover, settles in and builds relations with the delos Reyes family. From the seeming idyllic setting, Jay witnesses the slow implosion of the delos Reyes family and gets tangled in the power struggle within the compound. As Virgilio’s paranoia escalates, Jay becomes an easy target, a scapegoat of Virgilio’s inability to distinguish reality and hallucination. When their strategies of escape break down and reality catches up with them, the violence outside the gates finds its way into the compound.

COMPOUND Official International Poster

COMPOUND Official International Poster
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