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Starring: Jake Macapagal, Sue Prado, Mercedes Cabral, Vio Antonio and Noriko Ogasawara with Perry Escaño, Diana Malahay, Markus Schmidt, Fritzie Cabial, Al Gatmaitan, and Bong Cabrera

Written and Directed by Will Fredo

N/A/S/L takes us into the lives of a married couple—freelance photographer Felipe Aguinaldo (Macapagal) and his depressed housewife Nora (Prado) who are challenged by an underlying fracture in their marriage. This is further complicated by their mischievous daughter, Mira (Ogasawara), who turns to social networking to spice up their mundane existence. Nora meets Kevin Lopez (Antonio), a young call center agent whose obsession with Sylvia Cruz (Cabral), a sought-after model of Felipe, begins a trail of death. Body count increases as the web of social networking consumes unsuspecting victims.

N/A/S/L stands for Name-Age-Sex-Location, a popular acronym used in social chat lines on the internet or mobile phones. With recent news as regards to the growing dangers of social media such as “sexting”, the movie is only but relevant to all viewers alike.  N/A/S/L promises to jolt the audience with an unforgiving look at the results of the deadly mix of solitude and social interaction.