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Following the success of its debut film Compound, HUBO Productions Inc. does a first in independent cinema circuit by embarking on a search for fresh music to complement its second offering. The result is the soundtrack BRAVE NEW MUSIC: Songs from the Original Motion Picture Sa Pagdapo ng Mariposa.

The soundtrack includes songs from a recently held contest wherein musicians submitted entries. A diverse mix of pop, rock, world, rhythm and blues, and metal was selected from more than 200 entries coming from the Philippines (Manila, Bacolod), Japan, and the United States.

Bar favorite VerseS performs the carrier single “Home,” a song about personal struggles and the desire to seek shelter and security.

Three tracks were specifically written for the movie based on the theme posted in the competition mechanics—”Caregiver” written by Ryan Bobis Villena and performed by Area 5, “Di Kita Iiwan” written by U.S.-based Filipino Ferdz Din and sung by Australian-American Elin Jr, and “Let’s Play” written by Marq Dollentes together with soul/R&B singer Keith Martin who performed it with talented female vocalist Isabella.

Four bands included in the soundtrack have albums released in the market-Red Horse Muziklaban winner Sunflower Day Camp, Liquid Jane, RedLead 65, and The Rinka Collective.  Underground metal act, Intolerant, and one of Bacolod’s pride, 4WD, round up the list.

BRAVE NEW MUSIC: Songs from the Original Motion Picture Sa Pagdapo ng Mariposa is now available in Astrovision/Plus stores.

1. Home by Verses
2. Botelya by Liquid Jane
3. Tara by The Rinka Collective
4. CC/Hour by Sunflower Day Camp
5. ‘Di Kita Iiwan by Elin Jr
6. Gising Na by 4WD
7. Langit Na by RedLead 65
8. Shift by Intolerant
9. Caregiver by Area 5
10. Let’s Play by Isabella featuring Keith Martin
Bonus Tracks:
11. Home (Radio Edit) by VerseS
12. Home (Instrumental) by VerseS
13. Caregiver (Euthanasia Mix) by Area 5